Hey everyone, thank you for taking the time to look at this page. I am really glad you are here with me today. WA inspired and taught me everything I needed to create a profitable webiste. This is how I got started, learning about SEO, content creation and a whole host of more information which will be at your fingertips if you join. Who wants to make money online? Me! That’s exactly what I am doing now, in a safe and supportive environment.

I wanted to give you the oppotunity I had, by joining the Wealthy Affiliate programme. I will go into more details about the programme, what it has to offer and why I believe you should join.

What is Wealthy Affiliate? 

WA is an online platform where lots of amazing people, from all across the world come together to help each other. The idea behind it is a pay it forward style platform and it works so well. The first course of online training you can access for free when you join, which includes 10 lessons. You can also join the Affiliate Bootcamp too which is another load of lessons for free. The lessons teach you how to build a website, like mine, create content, learn how to manage SEO and loads more. The pay it forward system works so well, as individuals are rewarded with credits and better rankings to help one another. So nice incentives there to help newcomers that join the free course.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Honeslty, I have created websites/blog before and tried to monitise in many different ways and have never been successful. I thought I understood about SEO, google rankings, google indexing and more, turns out I have barely scratched the tip of the iceburg. WA was something my husband had initially found and looked into. He recommened I joined and start the courses as he knows how much I love working online and social media. My husband is the type of person who looks into things deeply before even considering them a potentially good idea. WA was one he thought we should try so we could expand our knowledge of the online world.

How does WA work?

Wealthy Affiliate is quite simple in it’s layout, if you can use Facebook, you can use this. You have free access to a live chat for 7 days which is normally premium members only. You can ask as many questions as you like and you are never waiting long for an answer. The top individuals on WA are bringing in a healthy income from Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a tricky thing to handle if not done correctly and this is what I have learnt. It’s all about the content you create. WA’s free course will even go into detail on how to create content for your niche. You will even be given ideas on how to come up with a niche too. I chose my niche of Greener Living Products as I know the products well and can discuss them. I can create content around living green and this makes for a more interesting website for people to come to.

What happens next?

After the first initial sign-up, you can decide if you would like to become a preium member or not. You have 7 days to take up the discounted offer option and I highly recommend you do. This is something we did, once I had completed the first lot of training, I was hungry to know more! By the end of the training, I have a website up, content on it, SEO working nicely, knew about Keywords and Keywords research and tonnes more. We bought this domain name from WA and the price was extremely reasonable! The also include hosting the website, unlimited email and the main bonus is a free SSL certificate! The SSL certificate in itself can cost silly money, so we had never bought one before. Google trusts you if you have one as well as your followers.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate or an Affiliate Programme is a way you can earn money online by redirecting traffic from your website via advertising to products and services. You cannot just sell, sell, sell, you have to have a passion for your niche and be able to create content and engage with your communtiy. If a person trusts you and your content, they may then decide to purchase something through you which will be an affiliate link. This can be WA, Amazon, EBay and loads more. WA will show you how to discover many affiliate programmes for your niche too.

Go for it!

What have you honestly got to loose? It’s free, simple to use, has a huge online community and loads more.





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