Hi everyone, thanks for joining me here today. Feminine hygiene still seems to be a fairly taboo subject, which I have tried to tackle in the past with interesting results. Today’s subject of washable feminine hygiene pads, is something I feel is particularly important. Not everyone likes moon cups/tampon types of products, myself included. I personally prefer pads and I have managed to find some really awesome reusable ones! No waste going into landfill and they work very well so far.

The problem

Not many people realise, the popular products all contain plastic in them and end up in landfill or worse the seas and rivers. In fact, conventional pads are 90% plastic! Conventional products are also bleached white and the cotton in them have been treated with pesticides. In a woman’s average reproductive life cycle, they will use 11,000 disposable menstrual products. In the UK alone, these disposable products create more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

This is caused by bacteria normally living harmlessly on your skin, nose or mouth. If they manage to get deeper into your body, they can release toxins that damage the tissue and stop the organs for working.

There are many ways to prevent this from happening such as; Do not use tampons if you have a break in your skin, only use them for the recommended amount of time, do not use the super-absorbent ones. Alternate between tampons and pads, always wash hands before and after inserting the tampon. More information on this can be found on the NHS website. The treatment can include antibiotics, if caught early enough. The Worst case scenario surgery to remove dead tissue or amputate the affected area.

Why washable Pads?

From the above information on TSS, you can see that wearing tampons all the time can be very dangerous. A lot of people will wear them longer than suggested, forget to change them or use more absorbent ones then necessary. Tampons are something that individuals will feel it is OK to flush down the toilet too. This will cause blockages, bacteria to grow in our sewers and can also end up in the river and seas. Alternatives are available to tampons which are environmentally friendly which include, organic cotton tampons/pads and washable pads. So why pads? The risk of TSS isn’t there, they are not inserted so are not able to have the toxic build up a tampon would. Washable pads are becoming widely available, this decreases the amount of waste into landfill by many tonnes per year. Also, creating a more sustainable world and environment.

Are they any good?

The simple answer is yes. They are fantastic, no waste, super absorbent and very comfortable. They come in many shapes and sizes to suit the individual too. I have real issues with a particularly heavy flow and have never had an issue since using these with leakage during the night either. Having a leak is one of the most embarrassing things and using this has stopped this from happening completely. The are super-absorbent due to the Microfiber, bamboo charcoal fiber and TPU which helps with preventing leaks. The microfiber layer is really absorbent and keeps you feeling dry. The bamboo charcoal layer is naturally antibacterial, healthy and breathable for your skin. Lastly, the TPU layer is waterproof and leak resistant. These products have wings that fasten with a plastic snap fastener. Once used, you simply pop it in the washing machine with your normal washing and they come out clean and dry quickly for the next use.

We know pads aren’t for everyone

Other options are available out there, which I will discuss at a later date such as the  and . If you are really uncomfortable with the idea of not using a tampon, always go for the organic cotton ones and these are less likely to cause TSS. claim to having the world’s first certified organic cotton tampons and are 100% biodegradable. For me however, the pads are wonderful, super comfy and no skin irritation since switching to them. Unlike disposable pads that have 90% plastic which makes it hard for your skin to breath, my skin really appreciates the washable ones!

I hope you have found this a useful topic, I certainly enjoy writing them in the hopes of making our world a better place to live. If we all make one simple change, the positive impact we will have on the planet will help for generations to come.

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