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Today, I wanted to give you a quick guide to some brands that are selling Vegan Clothing in the UK. These products will have no animal derived fabric’s and still great quality. This includes no feather, wool products and silk. Vegan clothing is mainly from plant fabrics such as cotton, linen or hemp or man made materials such as nylon and acrylic. After some research, I did find leather alternatives for boots/shoes which are vegan and so reasonably priced! I feel a shopping spree coming on!

PETA-Approved Vegan fashion 

There is a list of brands on the PETA website, which have PETA-Approved Vegan fashion! You can find this comprehensive list here. As you may know, PETA has a great reach and is always promoting people to go Vegan. Their Facebook page shows many horrifying videos of animal cruelty in the meat/dairy industry. I have not taken the complete vegan plunge but have been vegetarian for some time now. You can also shop online via places like Amazon.co.UK for a wide variety of Vegan clothing too! Belts made from cork and even Vegan baby clothes!

The Vegan Society

The Vegan society have a great article on their website which is all about compassion in fashion! There are links for different sort of vegan shoes, a link for Vegan trademarked products too! Have a quick read later here. The Vegan trademark ensures the products are free from any animal derived fabrics and also ensures none of these products are tested on animals.

Vegan Tattoos!? 

This is another subject of which, I honestly didn’t even think about! A lot more tattooists are becoming Vegan however, it is always important to check first. A lot of us do not realise that tattoo inks, equipment or even aftercare for your tattoo, may not be Vegan. They may be filled with animal derived products, such as glycerine, which is a fat from animals. Other animal derived products still used are gelatine and bone char. To be completely vegan, you will have to consider the razors and soaps they use too, even balms to help the tattoo can have beeswax in them! For further details on this subject, take a look at the site here.

Viva La Vegan

Viva La Vegan is a great company based in the UK, selling Vegan clothing, accessories, gift cards and more! Jay Chalton is the founder of Viva La Vegan, Jay wanted to positively promote veganism, do their part for the planet whilst looking good too! Vegan clothing doesn’t have to be boring, in fact Viva’s range is very comprehensive and looks fantastic too. Take a look at their range here.

Heart Cure Clothing

Another Vegan clothing brand which has a great range of Tee’s, hoodies, joggers, accessories and more. Heart Cure clothing have also collaborated with the Animal Justice Project, Earthing ED and The Vegan Activist to create three different clothing ranges. HCC ethics ensure even the print that is used on the garments are water based inks, the garments are also made to fair trade standards and using organic cotton.

Just one thing… 

I personally would love to wear Vegan clothing. Being vegetarian myself and living as eco-friendly as I possibly can, makes me want to do this. My only draw back with ALL of these brands is, personally I do not want to wear clothes with ‘Meat is murder’ or ‘I am Vegan’ on them. I would happily support these companies, I would just like to find plain clothing which is Vegan, as they are eco-friendly and all ethically sourced as this ticks so many boxes for me.

Have you purchased any Vegan clothing and have some feedback for me? I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject! Maybe you have found a company like what I am after? Let me know in the comments.





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