Welcome along and thanks for visiting this page today. I wanted to give you my top 10 Eco friendly products that I use, information about them, how they work and my review. Since switching to chemical free products, we have noticed a huge difference in our skin and hair, I hope you do too if you decide to take the plunge.

It really isn’t scary, you really can clean your home without nasty chemicals and hair healthy, vibrant hair and skin! The main chemicals to watch our for are SLS and Parabens. I have explained a little more about them here.

Number 10 –

The main reason this one is at the bottom of this list, is the product does have a funny smell that took a little getting used to. Bio-D is one of the better priced chemical free house cleaning products you can buy online. Bio-D are a UK based manufacturer, their products are cruelty-free and vegan society approved too! The furniture polish is concentrated for cleaning wood and veneer and because it’s concentrated you do not need to use a lot at all. The bottle comes in a 500ml size, which I bought 5 months ago and have only used a third of the bottle. We use this product at least 2-3 times a week, so a little does really go far.

Number 9 –

A customer of mine bought these wipes and loved them as they worked so well. The only problem she had was the fragrance of them. I personally like the smell of them, they are cucumber and aloe vera. I think it’s a case of everyone is different and it’s finding the products that suit you. These wipes are 100% biodegradable which is a big plus. I personally don’t like using wipes as they still have to go somewhere until they biodegrade. My preference is a spray and a reusable cloth that can be washed as reused as many times as you like. Again, this is just my preference. These wipes are manufactured in the UK, cruelty-free and vegan society approved too. They are tough on grease, biodegradable and alcohol free. They also state that they kill 99.9% of bacteria which includes E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella and MRSA. This would be a fantastic product to use in hospitals as it kills all the big bugs that hospitals struggle with and are much for Eco friendly then what they currently use.

Number 8 –

The Ecoegg stain remover comes in a tube with a sponged end. It is a white paste that you squeeze onto the fabric, covering the stain and rub the paste into the fabric with the sponged end. You then leave it on for 10 minutes before washing the garment as normal. It is also good on carpets and tackles really tough stains such as; coffee, grass, grease. The stain remover works well and we have found it very useful with coffee stains, grass stain and mud. The only downfall is if you have armpit stains, it seems to improve them but not get rid of them totally. During the summer months, this is something most of us need! The product cruelty-free so not tested on animals which is a HUGE plus. It’s efficient and tube is recyclable. We have used this a far amount and has half left. The shelf life of this product is impressive, you have a whole 3 years to use it from purchase!

Number 7 –

This is starting to become a very tough list now, as everything I use is very good and hard to put into order.

The EcoEgg spray is phenomenal. I have the fresh linen fragrance which I love. These products seem at first like it’s quite pricey, until you look into it. In the box, you have 2 different sized bottles. One bottle is filled with the chemical free, concentrated fragrance and the other is larger and empty. To use, you take the concentrated bottle, add 5-6 squirts into the empty bottle and fill the empty bottle with cold water. This equates to 25 bottles! This product is kind to your environment, pocket and skin. You can use it to eliminate odors, freshen laundry, carpet, upholstery and lot’s more. The bottles are fully recyclable and the product is cruelty-free/not tested on animals. This product also comes in a spring blossom fragrance, which my customers love too.

Number 6 – !

Soap nuts are something I was very skeptical in trying. It was something a fellow narrowboater suggested I try as they are Eco friendly, chemical free and completely natural to wash your clothes with. This is a product that has been used for generations in Eastern countries, they boil them to make soaps and use the nuts themselves for washing their clothes. I bought a 1KG bag of soap nuts to try, the instructions were simple. You are given a wash bag with the order for free, you add 4-5 soap nuts to the wash bags, add pop into the drum. Wash your clothes as normal, add softener if you wish. Once you have finished washing your clothes, simply take the bag out of the washing machine, let dry and on the side and use again as needed. You can use the same soap nuts up to 4-5 times, until the consistency of them changes and becomes squishy. They are cruelty-free, chemical free and 100% natural. The only con, was getting your whites really white. They needed a little help from the EcoZone Whitening tablets.

Number 5 –

Woohoo! We are half-way through my list and now we are getting to the really great stuff!

Bio-D bathroom cleaner is truly a great product and so simple to use. You simply spray on the areas you want, leave for 30 seconds and rinse off with clean water. Again, this is a concentrated product so you do not need to use a lot. For particularly hard to clean areas, I will wipe over with damp cloth first then rinse. It’s cruelty-free, Vegan society approved and voted Best Buy by ethicalconsumer.org! If that doesn’t convince you to switch, I’m not sure what will!

Number 4 –

This! This is a beautifully fragranced shower gel and I cannot rave enough about it. You do not have to use much, squirt a little onto your shower puff, wet it and scrunch it up until it foams. This will make a lot of foam, the amount will clean your whole body and smells beautiful. I personally have an issue falling to sleep at night, if I use this particular frangranced product for my nighttime shower, I fall asleep much easier! I am now using the Aloe Vera & Ylang Ylang one to try currently too. It makes my skin feel smooth and has a more gentle fragrance. My husband uses the cedar wood one and really likes that too. As it’s chemical free, he doesn’t have to worry about his eczema or allergy reactions to it either.

Number 3 –

This stuff is great. The fragrance is very pleasant in conjunction with the EcoEgg Laundry Egg for washing your clothes. This is another great chemical free product to use, softening your clothes, towels, bedding and so on. The only con would be it states 2-3 pumps of the laundry liquid, I would put 4 in the give the fragrance. 2-3 doesn’t give it the stronger fragrance I prefer, this is only a preference however, you may find 2-3 pumps would suit you find. This still only equates to 6p per wash which is fantastic. The product is listed as Hypoallergenic, free from harsh chemicals and comes in a 1.5l bottle. It should last the average family 1 year!

Number 2 – /

This was a close call… There are many varieties to choose from with the soapnut shampoo bar. I have linked to my soapnut product review on the image, as this will show you exactly how good they are. There are different varieties for different hair types as well as the faith in nature liquid shampoos. I recently bought a funky soap shampoo bar, which is a similar thing, without the soapnut in. The one I ordered is Lavender and Rosemary and the fragrance is very pretty. Not as strong a fragrance as the original soapnut bar, still very lovely though. I have tried a few different ones; dead sea mud, lemon and avocado and now this one. I have been fortunate that they suit my hair type, the only issue was with the lemon and avocado one I had to wash my hair twice with to make it feel really squeaky clean. This meant I got through the bar much quicker than average. They are SLS/SLES and Paraben free, suitable for Vegans, not tested on animals, 100% Natural and healthy, no artificial colours or fragrance.

Number 1 –

So here we are… we made it to the end! This is my absolute favorite product, the EcoEgg Laundry egg. This Laundry egg completely replaces the use of your normal washing detergent. The two types of mineral pellets inside the egg get to work, producing powerful – cleaning foam which powers through the fibers lifting off the dirt and grime. This is a real alternative to harsh chemical laundry detergents. It is supported by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society. It is dermatologically tested and perfect for even the most sensitive skin. You would think for the 720 wash that £19.99 may seem quite steap, in actual fact this works out at 3p per wash and this lasts 3 years! You can click the image to see my full review on the product.


Thank you for joining me today, if you made it to the end of this post I applaud you. I truly hope this gives you a little insight on what the Eco world has to offer. Without the use of harsh chemicals and being cruelty-free, vegan society approved, you can truly start to help our world be a nicer place to live for generations to come.

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