We was originally told about these from a fellow narrowboater. They informed us that they are chemical free, natural and sustainable. So after looking into them, they sounded great and wondered how clean my clothes would be without all the usual chemicals.

I was extremely surprised by the results! The clothes came out very clean, soft and the soap nuts can be used multiple times. I suffer with dry skin/eczma and these really suited me. When we wash our clothes with the washing machine in the narrowboat, our water which is called ‘grey water’ goes directly into the river. This is why we are so conscious of what we use. Everything needs to be eco friendly, chemical free so not to harm the marine life and wildlife.

The only downfall I have found is making sure the whites are really white. My husbands work shirts, for some reason weren’t coming up white enough and this was on a 60 degrees wash. So there is another product I have used to assist with this, which you can find my review on it here.

Here’s some information on the soapnuts:

Soap nuts laundry soap nuts are the pods (or nut shells) from the soapnut tree – a natural, organic cleaning product which comes from an entirely renewable source that grows in tropical climates. The soapnut tree is a large deciduous tree with fleshy fruit like a berry. The skin of the berry (the soapnut) contains 12-15% saponin, which is similar to soap and is the active natural cleaning agent.

When they come in contact with water, they make mild suds. Soapnuts are a natural, organic, environmentally friendly alternative to soap, detergent and shampoo.

Pure and natural washing detergent that leaves your laundry fresh and clean.
Keeps your colours bright.
Allergy free especially good for babies, eczema and sensitive skin.
Environmentally friendly, chemical free and biodegradable, any remains after use can go in the composter.
Ecological and economical compared to other brands of detergent.
Used in WASHING CLOTHES – Hand or machine wash or just soak for fresher softer clothes. Soapnuts are ideal as a natural detergent in the washing machine. Just put 4-8 half shells in a cotton soapnuts bag or thin sock. Then pop the bag in the washing machine with your clothes. *No need for fabric softener but to add a scent you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.
Suitable at any temperature, pre-wash or rinse cycles and on delicate fabrics. Shells can be used for more than one wash on the same day, discard any remains when they go dark brown and soggy.

Below, I have found a few different suppliers, offering different prices and amounts. All work our fairly cheap per wash!

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