Welcome and thank you for reading this post today! I wanted to reiterate what Greener Living Products is all about, what we have achieved and what you can expect to see in the future.

You can read all about why Greener Living Products started by clicking here. This post goes into a lot more detail about what we do and why we decided to start this website in the first place. If you have taken the time to read any of our post previously, you can see that we are passionate about what we do. By writing articles, we offer in depth details on them, where to find them and only find you the best options available. All products are Eco-friendly, chemical free, cruelty-free and in most cases Vegan friendly too! So, if you are thinking of switching to more Eco alternatives, regardless of where you live in the world, we try to help.

Skin Care

Skin care products were one of the most asked about topics for discussion. To find chemical free, paraben/SLS free, vegan and still great for your skin. I have previously written about Foundation, Make-up brands, shampoo options, skin care creams, lotions, face masks and more.

Also, with the shampoo options, I have written in more details about shampoo bars, and other hair care options. The shampoo bars are still my favorite as they have no plastic packaging! The reducing waste that could be put into landfill. I have written about the plastic ocean problem and how you can even start to help more. One big change for me was switching from plastic mayo, ketchup etc containers to glass where ever possible

Palm oil, Parabens, SLS free

Why should we consider products that are free of Palm oil, Parabens and SLS? I have written individual articles to help explain the reasons why. All these articles are research based. I have spent days trolling through the internet, making sure the information is legitimate and written my own conclusion as well as my own thoughts on the subject.

Cleaning Products

This is a lot easier to write about as I also run a Eco company. I sell products which are chemical free from companies like Bio-D, Eco zone, faith in nature and more. One thing I haven’t been so hot on, is making sure I keep up with writing the product reviews. This is something I will be getting back into. I find reviews for new products handy and they do help me make a more informed decision before I part with my hard-earned cash. I wanted to do the same for my readers. I have a section on my website dedicated to product reviews here. This section will be expanding quite a lot over the next few weeks, so do keep popping back for more ideas on products that I recommend! Also, if you have any products you would like to hear about, you can always let me know in the comments below.

Eco Babies

Eco baby supplies is a very important one I have been looking into as well. I have gone into a lot of detail for why I believe this is important too. Just think about nappies… yes they get dirty and we throw them away, where do the go then? Landfill. The one major change I can suggest for parents with babies, reusable/washable nappies! In the UK alone, 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away each day, which is staggering rate of 3 billion a year. This accounts to roughly 3% of the households waste. Each nappy will take 200-500 years to degrade, which means that your children will have grandchildren before they even degrade. Do you find this shocking? I know I do. Reusable nappies are widely available, the best ones to use are made with organic cotton and I have gone into lots of details for why organic cotton is best for your baby here.

Feminine Hygiene

Being more Eco conscious about feminine hygiene seem to be spreading finally. A lot more companies offer a wide variety of different options for women to use for their monthly cycle. These are products like moon cups, washable pads and organic cotton pads. One of my favorite articles I have written is in regard to this subject here. I personally use washable pads and they are fabulous, friends of mine use moon cups and find these work for them. Like all new things, they may take a little getting used to, you will get used to them though. If you are completely unsure what to try, the ‘normal’ options are available just with organic cotton which is so much better for your body.

I was also asked about the best options for shaving. I research and wrote a piece on non-plastic alternatives for current day razors. Safety razors were the absolute winner. I have even had some wonderful feedback from friends who have tried them! You can see these in the comments of the article.

Greener Living Products

So, I would like to take a moment to thank all our readers for liking, sharing and leaving lovely feedback on our website. Everything we do is to help the population and also the environment. If I can help even a few people to switch to Eco-friendly products, I will be elated. I know for a fact that this has happened and for those that have tried some products absolutely love them. Over time, I hope more and more people will come across this website and decide to give these products a go.

Do you have any Eco products that stand out for you? Let me know in the comments below. Even suggestions for things you would like to replace but not sure on an alternative, I will dig and find you one. Until next time, be green and be happy.





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