Hello and welcome along to this post. When I started living on a narrowboat, I was worrying about what was going into the water from washing up liquid to shower gels. We immediately decided to change what we were using to Eco-friendly/green alternatives. Today, I wanted to give you a good list of go green cleaning supplies. I have also written reviews on these products and will link to them, so you can get a really good idea how good these alternative are.

A few friends of mine have recently started to take the plunge into the go green initiative. If you feel that you cannot just chuck out what you currently use, to start fresh, that’s absolutely fine. Just the fact that you want to start, is wonderful. When you start running out of something, replace with a Eco-friendly alternative. I have previously spoken about where you can buy these items in the UK here.

Bin Bags

This is a great place to start. Bin bags is something that the majority of us will go through fairly quickly. The average family can use a large bin bag a week or more. Even with recycling, this is a massive amount of plastic we are using which doesn’t biodegrade. However, biodegradable options are out there! My favorite ones by far are D2W refuse sacks. These sacks are stronger than the white ones, if you fill your bin up too much, the white ones are much more likely to split. These will also degrade in roughly six months, can be recycled and re-used.

Washing up liquid

A daily occurrence is washing up for those that do not have a dishwasher. Constantly using average washing up liquids, will pump chemical’s upon chemical’s into our waterways. This was the first thing I switched. My favorite is Bio-D, which I have written a product review here. It is concentrated, you really do not need to use a lot for it to do its job. It works hard on grease and all of my washing up has a great squeaky clean feeling! The vegetable glycerin in the liquid helps keep sensitive skin supply and no chemical’s means there is nothing nasty to react to!

There are a lot more different alternatives out there now. Ecover, Ecoforce, Dirtbusters, BIOLU, method and more. I prefer Bio-D as it is great for sensitive skin. I wash-up every day, sometimes twice a day and still have soft skin.

Dishwasher Tablets

There are some fantastic alternatives for this too! The main brand you will find is EcoZone, however there are some different ones available. Ecover, Ecoforce are another 2 options available. I have been unable to locate any others at the present time. I personally do not have a dishwasher to give you honest feedback on these products. As it is something you would use potentially every day if you did have a dishwasher, a quick switch would be a great way to start your Eco journey. I have seen the most positive customer reviews coming from the EcoZone dishwasher tablets though.

Kitchen Roll

Messy spills, sticky hands, even blowy noses. We get through kitchen roll so fast in this home of ours. Generally, the most annoying is kicking the dogs water bowl… water everywhere! Grab the kitchen roll and chuck it in the bin. I have some very Eco-friendly alternatives for you, they can be washed and re-used! Bamboo towels are my favorite by far, EcoEgg ones are the brand that I use. Again, more alternatives are available! Practicool, Cheeky Panda, Green Clean and Jebblas too. The EcoEgg ones I use, 1 pack can be used up to 1,700 times! Each time these are washed to be re-used they become softer and more absorbent!

These ideas are to get you started

On your green journey, you may find different items you prefer. These are the ones I prefer, know that work well and recommend to all my friends and family. I would love to know your feedback on these items, have you tried them? Maybe you use something different, let me know in the comments!





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