Welcome along to the first post on my blog. Today, I wanted to do a review on a product that I use weekly. I was initially looking for chemical-free sprays for cleaning windows and mirrors. I also, as my first blog post, wanted to do a review on an eco-friendly household cleaning product.

After a fair amount of research, I decided it was best to try something chemical free and also reusable. This cloth promised a lot without the use of chemicals and reading other reviews, I thought I would give this a try. One of my friends had ordered this product and was raving about how good it was so here we are

When the delivery arrived, I took it out of the box and was surprised by the texture. I was expecting a soft, fluffy cloth like a lot of microfiber cloths I have used in the past. This was rougher, thinner to touch than a conventional microfiber and very large!

I dampened the cloth with water as instructed, wiped my windows and mirrors, then went over with the dry side. We get a lot of dust from out multi-fuel stove and also out dog Lilly puts her noes on the glass of the door when she is waiting to come back in. So plenty of dust and marks for a good trial of the product. Here we have the before pictures…


Now I live with a chronic joint condition, so cannot scrub hard without causing pain to myself. With this cloth, I didn’t have to scrub, just wipe gently whilst it is damp and again with it dry. I had no streaks on the glass and everything looked sparkly! The fact that this item uses no chemicals and is reusable makes my heart sing! I can use this over and over, wash and use again and have guilt-free cleaning.

Thank you ecozone for creating such a fantastic product! 5 stars from me! ????

I have documented the progress with photos so you can truly see the results. Grab this fab product here:


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