Hi everyone,

As you maybe aware, we have been trying out different things for washing our clothes which are chemical free and eco-friendly.

The ecoegg laundry egg comes in 2 fragrances and 1 fragrance free option. I have the spring blossom and my mother in law has chosen the soft cotton one.  This product also comes in a few different size options. They have the 54 wash and the 720 wash options. The 54 wash option is meant to last 1 year of laundry washes, whilst the 720 is for 3 years. The reasoning behind trying it was cost effectiveness as well as it being chemical free. Our washing machine in our narrowboat is a 5kg one and our water from it goes directly into the river. This water is called ‘grey water’ as it is considered relatively clean water that comes from baths, showers, sinks and appliances.

With the ecoegg laundry egg, this completely replaces your detergent. The two types of mineral pellets inside the egg get to work, producing powerful – but natural – cleaning foam which powers through the fibres lifting off the dirt and grime. They also naturally raise the PH levels of the water which softens your clothes.

We bought the 720 eco laundry egg which is to last 3 years, which works out roughly at 3p per wash. We found that the clothes were lovely and clean, soft to touch. Supported by Allergy UK and the National Eczema Society, the Laundry Egg is dermatologically tested and perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

I suffer with eczema and have found since using this, my skin has been so much better! Less itchy, less dry patches and much happier!

My mother and mother in law are loving theirs too! My mother in law was finding that conventional laundry liquids were building up and caused drainage issues. Since using the ecoegg, this isn’t a problem anymore and she is thrilled with the results too!

So don’t be afraid to give them a try. Below you will see some of the options on offer

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