Hello everyone! Welcome along to today’s post. I have a product review for you! This is something I have been meaning to do for a while now and I am put some time aside to get them done 🙂

Name: Ecoegg Concentrated Fabric Conditioner – Fresh Linen
Website: Amazon
Price: Srating from £10
Owners: Ecoegg
Overall Rank: 7 out of 10

Ecoegg Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, Product Overview

Ecoegg Concentrated Fabric Conditioner is super concentrated. Made with natural ingredients, so it’s kind to your skin; and because it’s so super-concentrated, it’ll cost just over 3p per wash. There are 3 different fragrences available, fresh linen, jasmine and spring blossom. The Jasmine one is the only one I haven’t tried yet as it doesn’t seem to be a widely available as the other two. 

‘We all LOVE fabric conditioner, because it makes our clothes lovely and soft and fragrances them. The problem is it’s expensive and it’s packed with chemicals! But our version is different. It’s made with purely natural ingredients so it’s kind to your skin – with the same softness and long lasting fragrance as the expensive chemical stuff.’

The Good & the Bad 

The Good:

  1. 2 dispensing options available. The easy dosing cap or the pump. Making it very easy to handle without spilling the contense everywhere. 
  2. Lovely smell. The 2 I have tried leave a lovely fragrence behind on your clothes and come out super soft!
  3. No nasty chemicals. We can use in our washing machine which is situated on our narrowboat and there is no worry about the marine life. Also, as it has no nasties, our skin really appreciates this and has nothing in it to react to!

The Bad:

  1. The smell. It states in the description that you only need 3-4 pumps per wash. This I found wasn’t enough to get all my clothes smelling of the fresh linen or spring blossom. I was using up to 7 pumps! A lot of reviews I have read also mention the same probelm. I have a 5KG washing machine, so not even the biggest of drums compared to some others which are 9+. I never over fill it either, so was a little dissapointed that I had to use so much.
  2. Value for money. So not quite so cost effective in my eyes. It states on the bottle ‘up to 240 washes’, 1 year supply. It lasts probably 3-4 months max, depending on how much you use. I cannot personally see that you can only use 3 pumps and get the frangrance though. Going by the other reviews, it’s not a problem that I have only experienced.

Who is Ecoegg Concentrated Fabric Conditioner For?

This product is for anyone who is eco-concious. No nasty chemicals mean that you are being kinder to the enviroment as well as yourself. For anyone who struggles to find laundry product that are kind to their skin, I can highly recommend this product. If you suffer with eczema, or any skin sensitivities, regardless of how much you use, it’s very kind on the skin. We have always struggled to find laundry products that do not react, we had no issues at all. I wouldn’t hesitate to use for my dogs bedding etc either.

My Final Opinion of Ecoegg Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

I personally like it. The reason for the 7/10 stars is purely that you have to use more than stated. I love the fact that it’s kind on the enviroment and your skin. The fragrances are good and your clothes come out very soft. It is something that I would carry on buying, unless I find a better alternative. 

There are other options, I have also tried ecover. This is a review I will go into later too. I have loved using this product. I am going to try different ones and compare later.

What fabric conditioner do you use? Is it eco-friendly? What do you think of the Ecoegg one? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below 🙂

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