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Today I will be discussing the different options for Eco friendly house cleaning products. Some of you maybe already using some great products however, there are so many out there and you maybe at the start of your eco friendly journey. I am here to help you decide what to look for from what I have used so you know it really works.

I have to admit, house cleaning is one of my pet hates. We moved from a 3 bed detached into a narrowboat so cleaning still exists in our lives, in a much smaller scale. Before moving onto the water, I was always eco conscious but never to the scale that I am now. Our ‘grey’ water which is the water from the shower and sinks goes directly into the river/canal. This is considered relatively clean water, however we switch to chemical free as soon as we could to preserve the marine life as well as ourselves. We have noticed a huge difference with our skin, I suffer with eczema and so does my husband. Unfortunately for my husband, he has been a long term sufferer and gets it a lot worse than I do. Mine tends to flare up on my eye lids and the crease of my arms when the weather gets really warm and he has it all year round. Switching to all chemical free products has made a huge difference already! I have also been informed from other customers that them switching has helped with their eczema and psoriasis! This is by no means a cure, it does definitely help your skin as there is no chemicals to have a reaction to or upset allergies.

Bio-D washing up liquid was one of the first changes to our life. This is allergy society approved and it really great on your hands. You can read the full review here. Then we switched over to Bio-D furniture polish. This polish works very well, the only issue for me is the smell took a little getting used to. As it is chemical free, the ingredients don’t smell particularly nice and I struggle to use it. Over time, I have gotten more used to it. The smell doesn’t linger which is good, it does polish extremely well though so I have persevered 🙂

The  is lovely and works extremely well on stainless steel and doesn’t leave any streaks. The best thing about this is the size you get lasts a long time. You don’t need to use much either and it does a lovely job. Great feedback from customers leaves me feeling great inside.

Handwash… this was something I was worried about as it is something we use daily. We have 2 options in our home, one is . This being a 500ml bottle is fab as it lasts a long time. You do not need to use much again, like most eco friendly alternatives. It has a lovely smell to it and leaves our hands nice and soft. It really does cut through grease and grime. The other we use, which is in the bathroom is . I have had so many comments from friends and family that come and visit, just how lovely this hand wash is. They absolutely love the fragrance and have gone and purchased it for themselves!

Next, we have the bathroom cleaner. I have a few different things I use. I use the  for the shower glass and mirror, I do also use this for our windows. You just dampen with water and it works like a charm! Full review on this product here. You can see the before and after shots, which I will add to next time I clean the shower glass.

I use the  for the shower tray, sink and sides. I even use it for the shower walls and bathroom walls. This doesn’t really have a fragrance and works really well. Previously I have also use the , Bleach Free, Non Toxic, Helps Prevent Mould Regrowth, Long Lasting. This stuff is lovely, you just spray it on, leave it to dry and wash off and I have noticed a real difference on the shower tray. I cannot stand the mouldy spots in a bathroom ad this will make it white again!

Lastly, is the Chemical free disinfectant. This is great for smelly drains/sinks, you just pop some down and it works it’s magic. I will also use this diluted in water for cleaning the toilet. Everything smells fresh and clean. The one I normally use is discontinued :'( so I will be ordering something new soon to try and will update this post accordingly.

I do hope this post has helped you with some different options you can try. If you have anything you recommend, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

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