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One of the first quick changes to our lifestyle was swapping our normal washing up liquid, to a eco-friendly alternative. The Bio-D washing up liquid, was a fantastic alternative to the conventional chemical washing liquids. As it is a concentrated liquid, the bottle lasts for up to 75 bowls of washing up.

This product is vegan society approved and cruelty free! Having such a great product, which isn’t tested on animals does give me the warm and fuzzies! Again, like most of these products I was very sceptical at first. How can something without chemicals get things clean? Well, I am pleased to say that it really and truly does! It’s great on tough grease and everything is squeaky clean. The fact that it is concentrated also means you don’t need to put much into the bowl either. It bubbles like conventional liquids and is suitable to use without gloves as it is fine on sensitive skin. The vegetable glycerine in the liquid helps keep sensitive skin supply and no chemicals means there is nothing nasty to react to!

For the price, it’s very reasonable. It is 750ml which is a very large bottle for the price! If you decide you really like it, you have the option to buy 5 litres and keep topping up your smaller bottle. This is something that my customers have done. They are all moving over to this product, even if they don’t live on a narrowboat like ourselves. I cannot rate this product enough. Feels great on my skin and does a fantastic job! I will not be using anything else 🙂

This product receives a well deserved 5 stars from me. Other boaters like myself, also recommend this product and give it 5 stars! Grab it here

Or the the 5 litre option here => 

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