Hello lovely readers! Thank you for taking the time to join me here today. I recently wrote a piece on the best safety razors for women and one of the comments got me thinking… There is a whole range of shaving soaps for men, where are the one for women?? So, the purpose of this post is to help you find the best shaving soap for women. The comment on the safety razor info post, the lady did manage to find one, it wasn’t easy though. What I will try to do, is to find the best, organic, natural ones there are.

Why shaving soap? 

Shaving soap is to soften the hairs whilst also protecting the skin. It is basically a layer of lubrication, to allow the razor glide smoothly across the skin. The shaving soap also helps the razor get a closer shave, as well as hydrating the skin in the process too. They are actually more environmentally friendly than using aerosol dispensing creams too. Shaving will take away the natural oils of the skin, so that is why it’s so important to use something like a shaving specific soap. Some shaving creams have been renowned to have some nasty chemicals in, the soap doesn’t and is much preferred by professionals. However, I may have found some organic creams, so bear with me!

How to use the shaving soap

It’s quite simple to use and gives fantastic results.

  1. Soak your shaving brush in hot (not boiling) water for at least one to two minutes. You can do this either by swirling in a shaving bowl or running under a tap.
  2. Empty the water from the bowl if you are using one. Leave a very small amount of water in the bowl, shake the brush until it stops dripping with water.
  3. Add a little bit of hot water to the shaving soap, this is to make it softer.
  4. To make a great lather, swirl the brush in the soap for a good 10-15 seconds.
  5. Swirl the brush around in the shaving bowl for a good minute or so, you will see the lather start to build up.
  6. Making sure it is the right consistency is key.
    1. Bubbly = more swirling required
    2. Too thick = add a couple more drops of water
    3. Just right = start applying!
  7. Once applied to the area that requires shaving, go for it! 

Alternatively, you can create the lather directly on the area that needs shaving. A lot of people will probably prefer it this way, as it take away the need for a shaving specific bowl. You will still need to soak the brush initially, soften the soap as before, then swirl the brush directly onto the soap. Apply onto the area that requires shaving by swirling the brush onto the skin, then back to the soap as needed.

Best shaving soaps for women

There are some very good options out there, it is a case of knowing where to look for them.

Here is my list of the one’s that are the highest rated:

This product is a pump dispenser, which some people with dexterity issues may find easier to use. This product is a great for every the most sensitive of skin types and can also be used for intimate shaving.

This product doesn’t specifically say if it is natural or organic, however it is a traditional company which has been using traditional and new methods to create these soaps. They have been making soaps for 170 years and are in their 5th generation!


Not a soap but a cream. This isn’t an aerosol though, it’s a cream in a squeezy bottle! Natural New Zealand Harakeke and Mamaku extracts for soothing moisture, while active organic Green Tea, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Jojoba nourish and protect skin. Great for sensitive skin, will not cause razor burn, rashes etc.


Lastly, a gel option from another squeezy bottle!

Dr. Bronner ‘s Organic Shaving Gel – Organic shaving soap

  • Comes in a variety of fragrances, spearmint peppermint, Tea Tree, Lavender, unscented, lemongrass lime.
  • Fair trade, organic
  • Moisturising and soothing
  • Coconut-olive-hemp castile soap

Although a gel, it does have liquid soap in the ingredients. The only real difference I think you will find, is a traditional shaving soap will last longer than squeezy bottled ones. This product does come in a variety or fragrances and the different oils do different things for the skin.


Variety is the spice of life!

There are some other traditional shaving hard soaps available. I do like to give different options for my readers though. As with all new things you try, it is a case of finding what suits you best. I will be getting my own set soon enough so I can review the products too. A friend of mine has recently started using her safety razor and loves the outcome, as I am sure you would too! Feel free to let me know how you do get on in the comments below and what you have tried. I would love to know what you have tried and tested. Until next time, take care.

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