Hello there and welcome along to my post today! I am so glad you are here with me. I have been asked and also looking into the alternatives for plastic razors/shavers. So, I after some researching around I have come up with the best safety razors for women. Safety razors are not a new concept at all, they have been used for many years and continue to be used worldwide. As a consumer hungry, disposable society, plastic alternatives were brought in. Plastic was seen as a cheaper alternative to traditional metal shavers. Over the course of a lifetime, plastic will be more expensive.

What is a safety razor?

A safety razor is a shaving implement with a protective device positioned between the edge of the blade and the skin. These were initially created to reduce the amount of skill required for injury-free shaving and reduce the need for professional barbers. The term was first used in a patent issued in the 1880! The new single-edge razors, were developed and used side by side with the double-edged razors for decades. Although the original design is not in production anymore, more modern designs are being made. Blades for them are still being manufactured both for shaving and technical purposes. A second popular single-edge design is the “Injector” razor developed and placed on the market in the 1920s. This uses narrow blades stored in an injector device with which they are inserted directly into the razor, so that the user never needs to handle the blade. The injector blades have also inspired a variety of specialised blades for professional barber use, some of which have been re-adopted for shaving by modern designs

So why use a safety razor?

If a safety razor is used, cleaned and stored properly, you will never have to purchase another one! The blade replacements themselves are fully recyclable and a very reasonably price. The main thing to get used to us getting the correct angle when shaving. The optimal angle is 30 degrees, once you have gotten used to working it correctly, you get a wonderfully close shave. Shaving with a safety razor can help prevent razor burn. Razor burn is caused by skin irritation while shaving. When you shave, you always want to make sure that you go with the grain, not against it. When you shave with the grain, you prevent the possibility of razor burn, ingrown hairs, and general skin irritation. Normal cartridge razors are prone to clogging, bacteria will build up, the blades aren’t changed frequently they become dull and then you get razor burn.

What about the cost?

The set-up cost initially looks to be roughly £20-25 pounds for a basic safety razor plus replacement blades. Considering cartridge razors can cost up to this just for replacement razors and doesn’t include a razor itself. As I stated previously, if you store, clean and dry your razor properly, you will be unlikely to have to purchase another in your lifetime. Other than replacement blades, which are a fraction of the cost of a cartridge ones, that’s it! So as well as helping your pocket, you re also helping the environment too. I do believe this is a win, win!

Next steps

I will be personally purchasing one of these and testing to see how it goes. A lot of the products are advertised for ‘him’, however they are the same for either sex. Pick one you like the style of and give them a go! I would love to hear some feedback from you. Have you used these, still using these? How do you find them? Easy to use? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Want to give one a try? Take a look at the offers below 🙂






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