Hey everyone and welcome along today! I’m so glad to see you here. Previously I have discussed whether having fluoride in your toothpaste is a good or a bad thing. We found out that it really can depend on the amount of toothpaste you use, also it maybe a good idea to alternate between fluoride and non fluoride. So, what is the best non fluoride toothpastes on the market today?

The research

Firstly, taking a look around at my local shops I saw nothing. I started looking online at the bigger supermarkets, some of them have at some point stocked fluoride free, when clicking on the items they are no longer available. I did find that boots stocked one options and that was all I could find!

Where to find them 

Previously I have tried 3 different types and all taste different to the conventional toothpaste. This is going to be the case mostly as it is fluoride free, some took a little longer to get used to than others, you do get used to them though. I have tried forever living aloe vera toothpaste, sarakan toothpaste and green people toothpaste. I shall be writing reviews about all of these, all of which worked very well, again it’s the flavour you need to get used to. The forever living toothpaste was from a representative and the other 2 I bought online from Wikaniko. There are lot’s of places online that do them such as Amazon, Ebay, Wikaniko and many more. A simple google search will bring up many results and it will be a case of trial and error when finding the one that suits you.

What are they like?

They are definitely different in texture and taste. In terms of texture, the ones I have tried so far, do not create a foam in your mouth like the conventional ones do, its a lot more like a smooth paste. You use it like normal with your toothbrush, just don’t expect it to be foamy. The taste is different, not as minty, more plainer in flavour. As it does taste different, as I stated previously they do take a little getting used too. It doesn’t take too long though. My favourite so far is the green people one. They have spearmint and peppermint options like conventional toothpaste too.

Give them a go!

There is no harm in trying them, alternating with your fluoride toothpaste is probably best. In my last post about fluoride, I mentioned that usually our water supply has fluoride added to help prevent decay. So, with this in mind, using a non fluoride toothpaste or alternating with a conventional one is a good idea. Too much fluoride can cause issues, so opting to reduce your fluoride intake is a good thing. I hope you have found this a useful topic, if you have any suggestions on future topics, please feel free to drop your suggestion in the comments below. Also, I would love to hear about your experience with non fluoride toothpastes too!





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