Hello there, thanks for joining me today. As some of you may know, I live on a narrowboat. We have recently been doing a lot of research into this subject as we are looking to change our current cassette toilet to a composting one. So, from our current experience, I thought I would give you the best composting toilets out there at the moment in the UK.

The reason behind us wanting to change our loo is:

  • To limit how often we have to empty the toilet
  • To live more eco-friendly.
  • To save water

A lot of people will believe that having a composting toilet will equal nasty smells. This simply isn’t the case. The cause of the horrible, nasty smells is when the urine mixes with the solids. If you have a composting toilet that separates these, you will not have a problem. Also, they have come a long way from the bucket days of old lol!


The simploo is a water less toilet, which actually comes at a decent price! You could spend around a £1000 on a composting toilet, to me this does seem a bit excessive. The Simploo does a similar job to these, it does come with a modesty flap too. It has a separate liquid holder or outlet and a plastic tub for solids. It does come with a few additional options. You can have a funnel to a bottle to empty for the urine, or pipe to your own outlet. You can also choose the voltage options between 12v, 240v or both. Also, it comes with a vent/fan option for where you want it. The fan is very much like a fan from a PC, this dries out the solids quicker and ensures NO odor too. A nice touch with this loo is the soft closing lid. This is manufactured in the UK and are robustly made according to Simploo.

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet’s

The Nature’s Head range is a lot more pricey however, if you are looking for a top of the range which is all singing and dancing then this is the one maybe for you. It has a modesty flap, venting, spider handle or crank handle to agitate the solids after each use. It comes with the urine bottle and isn’t an additional feature! For 2 people, the solids shouldn’t need to be emptied until every 4-6 weeks. So, if you are traveling then you do not have to constantly worry about where you can empty the toilet. To form the compost, a peat moss must be added to start. It is made with robust polyethylene construction with stainless steel fittings.

The unit comes with 5 feet of ventilation pipe and also an electric fan. However, if it is composting well, you shouldn’t need to use the venting fan so then no electric is required. Comes with 5 year warranty!

Separett Waterless Toilet

Separett is a neat loo. What I particularly like about this one, is the modesty flap work automatically when you sit down on the toilet. Unlike the other two which you need to do manually. It is recommended that men sit down when using the loo at all times. A great advantage of the seperatt is there are several venting options too. As it is virtually odorless, direct venting through the wall is possible. Like most water less composting toilets, a venting fan (usually 12V), is recommended to speed up the drying process. Comes with 5 years warranty!

The separett comes with 2 waste bins and 2 lids. Solids are also contained inside a compostable bag.

Cleaning & Maintaining

It is recommended that you keep a spray bottle handy with a water and white vinegar mix. After each use, spray the solution, then wipe the bowl with a paper towel and dispose of in the waste tank.

These toilets are fairly low maintenance. Everything these loos’s are made out of are robust and should not need replacing anytime soon. Urine is sterile so you will not need to worry about constantly cleaning out the bottles etc. The choice is yours, whether you cover the tubs with compostable bags or not too. As the solids dry, there is little to clean and by this point and no smell either.

Build Your Own!

This is a very valid option! I know a few people who have custom-made their own composting toilets. The most important part of the toilet is the separator. You can buy this part from a few places and they are fairly cheap, take a look here. If you are fairly handy with woodwork, you can easily create one. A box, with a hole in the middle, you can buy a toilet seat, the separator, use a bottle for urine and bucket for solids, pop in a 12v PC fan and viola!

We are going for it

We have decided to take the plunge. We will be re-fitting our bathroom soon with the intention of buying one of these toilets. The simploo appeals due to price however, the Separett seems the best options for us in terms of size, ease of fitting, how it can be adapted to the current Grey waste pipes and the multiple options for venting. With our current toilet, we have a flush which does use a lot of water. When we go out traveling, the worry of not being able to find an elsan (emptying point) worries us. Composting I believe is the best options for traveling, saving water and being eco-friendly all in one!

Do you have a composting toilet that you recommend? If you have any of these toilets let me know your thoughts on these too, in the comments below. I will write about our composting toilet experience as soon as it is installed. I am actually excited to get one!





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