Hey everyone and welcome along to my blog today. Today’s topic of choice is finding the best chemical free mascaras on the market at the moment. When delving into this subject, I was extremely pleased to see quite a few options. I know a fair amount of people that are allergic to their make-up, a lot of the time it is because of the chemicals in them. Another reason could be their skin allergies causing a reaction to the products too.

I wondered about what chemical free cosmetics were available and thought this was a good starting point. This blog is in hopes of helping those with skin issues, that want to still be able to wear make-up to have that option. If the product is chemical free, the chances of a reaction is so much lower for them.

First up on my list is Dizao Organics’, 95% Organic moisturising black mascara with Organic Extract of Rice Brans and Coffee Beans. Now this one is looking to be the top contender! Made with 100% natural ingredients, so chemical free, this product is suitable for the most sensitive of skin types. The product information boasts that it will strengthen your lashes and moisturise without causing irritation to your eyes. The coffee beans are one of the main ingredients used and also includes fruit acids, fats, minerals, iron, magnesium and potassium, which are known to contribute to the eyelash growth. To give it is deep black colour its combined with shellac coffee beans. The rice bran extract is to help restore weakened/damaged lashes, strengthen them and nourish them too.

  • 100% Natural
  • 95% organic
  • Doesn’t flake
  • Toxins free
  • Petrochemicals free
  • Titanium Dioxide free
  • Aluminum free
  • Gluten free
  • Cruelty free

Finest Vegan & Organic Lengthening Mascara Black With Argan Oil – Cruelty-Free, Best Natural Volumising, Thickening, Smudge Proof, Hypoallergenic, Water Based – for Sensitive Eyes & Short Lashes. With an amazing amount of reviews hitting the 5 stars, this product does exactly what is says. Everyone agrees that it lasts almost 24 hours, doesn’t clump, flake or smear. This product is advertised as a volumising and lengthening mascara and it truly is. This is one of the best around. Hand made, Vegan and palm oil free, for the price it is so worth buying. Poppy Austin also offer a 30-day money back guarantee so they are very confident in this product that you will be satisfied with the results. It is the best-selling argan oil mascara on the market at the moment, boasting its argan oil delicately comforts, hydrates and conditions your lashes too. For very sensitive skin types and the ingredients are sustainably harvested.

  • Vegan and Eco friendly
  • 100% all natural formula
  • handmade
  • cruelty-free
  • water resistant
  • pH balanced for sensitive eyes and short lashes

Vegan Mascara for Sensitive Eyes, Defines Lashes with Lengthening & Volume Effect, Intense Length Long Natural Eyelashes. A skin-kind and planet-kind make-up product you will be pleased with. Simply add layers of the mascara until you get the desired effect. Formula is safe for sensitive eyes and cruelty-free. Boasts definition and volume that lasts all day long without smudging, flakes, clogging or lash loss. This product is great again for people who have sensitive skin, eyes or wear contact lenses.

All 3 are fab options

I believe which ever product you decide to try, you will be pleased with the results. There is no reason or benefit in buying mascaras with chemicals in. These 3 mascaras are a little more expensive than the conventional ones, for the price you get peace of mind, helping the planet and being so much kinder to your skin. These 3 products range from £10 to £15, which I believe isn’t too bad at all for a 6-month supply.

Feel free to leave a review of your own in the comments below, I would love to hear your feedback on these products.





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